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-Executive Officer: Chiao-Ling Lo


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  • Managing all duties related to the Gender Equity Education Committee (inclusive of a division on sexual harassments), including receiving allegations and arranging hearings
  • Duties to the Gender Equity Education Committee include:
    -Devising and planning the implementation of the gender equity education
    -Organizing activities and events related to gender equality
    Planning and propagating gender equity courses
    -Stipulating the NCTU Gender Equity Regulations and on-campus Sexual Harassments Prevention Act
    -Investing cases related to the said regulations and act
    -Planning and establishing a safe campus secured with gender equality
    -Propagating gender equity education among families and the public
  • Maintaining and updating the websites of Gender Equity Education Committee
  • Assisting in the affairs of the Honorary Doctorate and Outstanding Alumni Selection
  • Temporary miscellaneous duties

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