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-Division Director: Li-Hsien Wong


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  • Conducting general affairs of the division
  • Directing the operation of the division and delegating responsibilities

-Secretary: Hsin-Ju Chung


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  • Managing research development, campus-wide development plans, and goal assessments
  • Managing the NCTU presidential election affairs
  • Directing merit evaluation, improving service quality, and compiling and analyzing the feedback from the interested parties for service improvement
  • Conducting internal evaluations, including those on the administration units
  • Managing intellectual property rights cases, legal affairs, appeals and related matters
  • Planning and controlling the President's special fund, PR expenses, and the division's budget
  • Managing the five NCTU-raised monies of the NCTU Foundation
  • Organizing the NCTU Development Advisory Board and its seminars
  • Temporary miscellaneous duties

-Assistant Coordinator: Mei-Ling Chiu



  • Maintaining and updating the websites of the Secretariat Office
  • Planning and organizing the degree-conferred ceremonies and commencements
  • Organizing anniversary activities and events
  • Managing the affairs of the Honorary Doctorate and Outstanding Alumni Selection Committee
  • Managing the NCTU branch of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the Republic of China
  • Directing the division's reimbursement process and office equipment maintenance
  • Issuing parking permits for VIP visitors
  • Managing the Secretary General's schedules
  • Issuing and receiving official documents and handling other temporary miscellaneous duties

-Administration Officer: Ying-Hsing Tseng


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  • Receiving, dispatching, and registering official documents
  • Managing the use of seals in due process
  • Directing the division's reimbursement process and office equipment maintenance
  • Managing the properties of the Secretariat Office
  • Temporary miscellaneous duties

-Custodian: Shu-Mei Wang



  • Assisting in signing ceremonies, press conferences, and other important events to take place on the Library's 8th floor with works including equipment installations, room decoration, catering service, and cleaning work.
  • Managing the conference rooms of the Library's 8th floor
  • Conducting the cleaning work of the public areas and offices on the Library's 8th floor
  • Helping in greeting the VIP guests
  • Taking charge of the received items and office articles
  • Preparing name cards at the conference tables

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